My Top 5 things you must do in Ibiza Town!

Ibiza Town

Living in Barcelona you are absolutely spoiled with quick, cheap flights to beautiful Spanish Islands & Ibiza is no exception! With a choice of Vueling or Ryanair & flights as cheap as 20 euros how were my boyfriend & I to say no? We booked a last minute getaway & are so glad we did! Here’s a short list of things we loved and think you must do if you are staying in Ibiza Town!


1. Explore the Fortress!

The Fortress of old Ibiza Town is an amazing place to explore, come day or night! It is full of cute boutique shops selling all things white lace and linen as well as traditional Spanish ‘Avarca’ sandals to fit every size! There are restaurants selling everything from locally caught seafood to Sirloin steaks, and some of the best ice cream spots!

The view from the top of the Fort is amazing, as you look over the port and hills on one side and straight onto the sea, as far over as the little local islands on the other side. As you wander along the winding and maze- like streets you will surely get lost but you know what… when you’re on holiday time doesn’t matter and there’s nothing better than losing track of the time in an old Spanish Fortress…

The incredible Fortress walls and hidden gateways inside…

The wonderful views of the Fort both at day & night!

View from the top of the port, hills and sea!


The absolutely beautiful windy streets lined with white wash houses and bright fuschia flowers draped over very corner! My personal faves!


2. Vamos a la playa! Playa Figueretas & Talamanca!

Playa Figueretas:

This smaller beach is just lovely, only 10 minutes walk from where we were staying it was perfect for a couple of sun worshipping days! Closer to the old part of town, it has some really nice spots for lunch too! (I’d recommend walking round to the left as you will find more reasonably priced and really cute places!) Water sports are on offer at this beach and there are also a few hidden wee coves which are ideal if you like having the beach to yourself!

Playa Talamanca:

This is on the port side of Ibiza Town. A much longer beach, Playa Talamanca offers something for everyone. It is much quieter than Figueretas which means you will have your pick of sandy spot, hotel beds or beach bar sun loungers – as you desire! Warning – If you see a group of hippie, flower power givers with guitars, singing as they dance along the beach – don’t fret they are only advertising Pacha’s Monday night Flower Power which is a favourite on the island! If anything I’d say they add to the experience! This beach also has the best bars to sip a chilled gintonic as you sunbath!


3. Peruse the Old Town Plazas, markets & cute streets!

Ibiza is full of different markets; clothes markets, food markets, pop up markets. You should definitely make time in your day to wander around them. The plazas are also amazing, I’d recommend Plaza del Parc, it has cute pop up markets as well as restaurants and bars!

4. Take a boat trip to Formentera!

Formentera is a beautiful island which is reachable via small ferry or sailing boat from the Port. We went for the Aqua Bus which was a bargain at 20 euros but it is a bit bumpier than the larger ferries! Be warned! Lol! The boat also offered an additional car, motorbike or bike hire. We went for the bike hire and cycled up to the beach called Playa del Illetes at the very top of the Island. It was absolutely stunning!

Here’s an insider tip though: when we arrived it was very busy so we decided to try the beach on the opposite side of the peninsula – do not try this! Lol it was so windy, and it felt more like the Atlantic Ocean – the current was so strong we didn’t dare go in that far. Instead we decided to have our picnic – but the tide was coming in so fast we had to move our picnic blanket a few times! Haha – in the end we went back to Playa Del Illetes and it was so worth it! The sand was so soft and the sea was crystal clear. Also an amazing spot to watch the sun go down!

Crystal clear waters…

Sunset time…

5. Party Ibiza style!

Ibiza is famous for the clubs & Ibiza Town is not different with Pacha being one of the most famous on the island! Flower Power on a Monday is so popular all over the town & they sellout their dj nights every summer!


We decided to go to Ushuaia in Playa Dem Bossa which was amaaazinggg!!!

(Insider tip: I’d stay clear of Playa Dem Bossa in general apart from a night out at Ushuaia or Hi Ibiza)

Ushuaia was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish! It starts at 5pm and finishes at 12pm so you can go to another club afterwards (You get a discount to Hi Ibiza on the same night!)

A must do when in Ibiza!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my top tips for Ibiza Town. Please comment if you have any more ideas for Ibiza Town or the rest of the Island as I will definitely be back!


The Wee Wanderer x x

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