Always wondered what ‘A wee wander’ really means? Then look no further! Here is your very own definition by yours truly ‘The Wee Wanderer’.


The idea for ‘The Wee Wanderer’ blog was born during a summer spent travelling around the wonder that is Europe via #interrail trains. So many different cultures, architecture, food, languages only hours apart. I was lucky enough to spend this time and make all the memories with my boyfriend and when he would ask what I wanted to do in each place I would simply answer ‘Just go a wee wander’ and that is where the idea for ‘The Wee Wanderer’ came from! I just say it all the time! It is one of my favourite things to do! So what does it actually mean?


1. Wee

Let’s start with ‘Wee’ itself because this is probably the most confusing part for people who may have never been to Scotland. I grew up in Scotland, UK and I think most folk from Scotland are very patriotic – whether that be about our language, dialects, accents, mountains, whisky, unique style or friendliness and I am exactly the same. I get so excited when other travel bloggers go to Scotland and love it – it makes me feel so happy and proud, especially when they take my recommendations!

So as I mentioned, we have the Scots language which most people use in one way or another. One word that I use probably more than any other is ‘Wee’ and it simply means ‘small/little/short’


How to use it in a sentence:

‘I have a wee brother’

‘Have a wee slice of cake’

‘Let’s go for a wee walk’


Get the jist of it? Now let’s go onto ‘Wander’…


2. Wander

Wander I’m sure you are all more familiar with, especially if any of you have ever read or seen Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, specifically the poem ‘All that is gold does not glitter’ which you can find here: All that is gold does not glitter


A wander, as I see it is a walk, off to explore somewhere new whether you have a plan or not, are following a map or wandering freely…



And isn’t that sometimes the best part? The journey not necessarily the destination?

3. #aweewander

I love nothing more than going for ‘A wee wander’ and I’m sure I’m not alone. If you love going for a wee wander with family, friends, the love of your life or even solo why not share it with me? You can do so by hashtagging #aweewander on instagram – I would LOVE to see where you like to wander to! I may even share my favourites on my profile via my #instastories or in my #shoutout each time I post a photo of my own.

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Happy tagging!!



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