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In June this year I was fortunate enough to do a collaboration with Blossom Beauty Lounge Barcelona. They had just launched a new, very exciting project called BB Project and I was one of the first lucky ladies to experience it!


What is included in BB Project?

It is a day to focus just on you! Be pampered, have a wonderful time and have professional photos at the end of it to remember your special day forever!

It includes:

  • Professional make up session which emphasises your own natural beauty
  • A mini bottle of Cava!
  • Chocolates!
  • Transportation to different locations where you would like your photographs to be taken in Barcelona.
  • Professional photographs to remember it all.

Optional extras:

  • Fresh flowers to include in the photoshoot
  • A luxury car to be photographed in.


In Spanish:

  • Que es BB project?🌸
    Es un dia espectacular para ti! 🤩
    – Maquillaje professional para enfatizar tu belleza💁‍♀️
    – Cava para animarte🥂
    – Chocolate para hacer la vida mas dulce🍫
    – Y fotos con retoques profesionales para recordar todo!💕💕
    Te esperamos!

My day with BB Project:

First of all I was greeted by the wonderful owner of Blossom Beauty Lounge, Alina & her fantastic photographer Viktoria. They are so friendly, funny and lovely that they put you straight at ease. They speak fluent Russian, Spanish and English and are very accommodating to speak whichever language makes you feel most comfortable for your special day.

To begin with, Alina will do your make-up. For me, she chose a natural, dewy look which I loved. You can direct her to how you like it and if you prefer a more natural or dramatic look. I was so happy with the final result.



This day I was modelling handmade jewellery from @byminita who can be found on Instagram. She designs jewellery from these delicate pearls to dramatic spiky jewellery which you can see in my photos.


Fresh flowers are provided for the photoshoot by Orquida Flor BCNand these were absolutely beautiful! I was even lucky enough to get to take some away with me at the end of the day!


The photoshoot takes place in two locations. The first is in the Blossom Beauty Lounge itself and the second in a location of your choice in Barcelona. They have done photoshoots in locations such as barrio Gotico, Franca train station, Port Vell. The transport is included so you don’t need to worry about how you will get there.

You choose exactly what you want to wear on the day, whatever you feel most comfortable in, and can take as many outfit changes as you like. My photoshoot began more casual in jeans and a top, then changed to a black dress and finished in nautical stripes for the photos at the port.


Take some time to think about what you wear on your photoshoot, as the photos can change so much with just an outfit choice. I’m sure you can see the difference between the first ones with the flowers and these ones in the black dress.

Don’t forget that you are treated to chocolates, fruit, cava, coffee, tea or water throughout the preparation, make-up, and photoshoot in the Beauty Lounge!

After these photos it was time for another outfit change and time to drive to our final location – Port Vell, Barcelona – just in time for ‘golden hour’. Sunset is the best time for photographs due to the soft lighting and beautiful colours in the sky. The ladies time it perfectly for this!


You may not know but there are beautiful palm trees and flowers by the restaurants at Port Vell. We then walked across to the marina and found the best spot for our nautical photos!


Personally, these are some of my favourite photos from the whole day! I adore the stillness of the water in the Marina and the reflections from the yachts, palms and clouds.

IMG_6235-1 Viktoria chooses the best photos and retouches them, giving you some in black and white and some in colour. She also sends you a file with every photo from the shoot, should you have your own favourites.


And then, sadly it is time to return to the Blossom Beauty Lounge to collect your things, go home and excitedly await the professional photographs from your very special day. They will take a week, but they will be worth it!

I am by no means a model but I was overjoyed with the wonderful job done on make up and photography and felt truly pampered and spoiled from start to finish!

Thanks to BB Project for the most special day I will not forget!


If you are interested in having your own special day with BB Project, feel free to contact me via the website, InstagramFacebook.



If you would like to see videos and behind the scenes from my day with the BB Project, they can be found in my Instagram highlights. BB Project highlights

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Jewellery by Minita

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