15 reasons why you should travel with a friend!

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Friends are wonderful beings! They are the best people for creating memories with; they are always there to have fun and be silly with, they push you to be your best self, they celebrate your achievements like their own, they make you smile and laugh in your best moments and in your worst, they wipe away your tears when they fall, they will be there for you at a moments notice if you need them, they will always have your back and be there for you no matter what! They will love you like a sister! So I wanted I’d dedicate this blog to my amazing friends and tell you the benefits of travelling with friends!


1) Planning together is fun and you will be excited about taking the journey!

It is an adventure from the moment you meet up! Just over a year ago my amazing friend Emily @thisisthemilk and I took a girls trip to Malta! We planned to go away somewhere together that neither of us had been before and Malta fit the bill. Once we found a weekend that suited us both we were off! It was so exciting, even in the planning stages and I couldn’t wait to go! From the moment you meet at the airport you know it’s going to be a goodun’.


2) You can be as silly as you want!

Your friends don’t care if you are silly, in actual fact sometimes the sillier the better! You can truly be yourself and they will either laugh at you (kindly) or with you. Either way you’re bound to have fun and definitely have a few laughs along the way!


3) You share similar tastes!

Chances are you are friends because you have things in common – perhaps a shared interest in the same music, fashion, food, dances, ideas, political views and more. This is great, especially when you are travelling or exploring new places as you will be interested in visiting or doing similar things – whether that be singing along to the same artists on stage or matching your nails to give you all the holiday feels!

4) They care about you!

They care and have your best interests at heart. Whether that means spending time googling restaurants you can actually eat in despite your intolerances or just looking out for you in general, your friends will do all they can for you. To help you and make you happy too.


5) You can share your skills with each other!

For sure you all have different skills that you can share with each other. Maybe one of you is an amazing navigator (handy when you are travelling I tell ya), maybe one of you speaks another language (amazing!) maybe one of you is really creative, maybe one of you has a great eye for choosing somewhere to stay, maybe one of you is queen at organising a group chat (we all know how hard that can be lol). There are so many great skills your friends could have and exploring a new place together is a great way to find out and share these skills.



6) You don’t need to spend money to have fun!

With your friends you can be completely honest and say I’m skint – let’s keep it cheap and cheerful! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun whilst travelling or on holiday, you can simply enjoy a picnic and an ice cream – all you need is each other!


7) They know your good side and will take as many photos as they need to get ‘the shot’!

Haha this one is a bit tongue in cheek but so very true! lol your friends know you so well, they know if you won’t like your arm in a photo or if you won’t feel comfortable with the angle and they will take as many photos as they need to get ‘the shot’. It is important to note that ‘the shot’ doesn’t just mean insta friendly, but that you feel comfortable in the photo and you can keep it to cherish a memory and a moment in time.



8) When you travel together you can share everything – clothes, make up, hair appliances…

One of the benefits of travelling with your girls over a bf means you can share! If you are lucky enough to have a friend like this, they will even share their homemade Sevillanas dress and flower headdress! What’s mine is yours honey!



9) You get to know each other really well!

When you go on a trip with someone you definitely learn something new about them… If they are a morning person, if they love a lie in, if they want to sunbathe all day long, if they love to stay up all night partying. Maybe you will stay up chatting all night and learn things about their lives that you never knew before. They may offer different perspectives on things, maybe they will challenge your thinking or open your eyes to a new idea. You will grow closer and appreciate each other more for it.



10) They will they push you out of your comfort zone!

Whether one of you is more impulsive than the other or you both love an adventure – you are more likely to try something new with your friend and their support by your side!


11) They will make somewhere fun – despite the weather!

If you have a limited time frame in a certain location you may not have the luxury of waiting for the sun to shine. A true friend will explore a new place with you, despite the weather. Here we are exploring a cute village and Castle in the snow! We may have been cold but those memories will not be forgotten!

12) They will share secret spots with you!

It is exciting when you travel somewhere totally new with friends as you both look at it with fresh eyes. However, when you travel or visit a place that one of you knows better, you get all the secret knowledge and spots that you maybe wouldn’t find on your own.

13) Travel delays will be more enjoyable!

You know you have a true friend if they can make delays more enjoyable! When my friend Emily & I were travelling back from Malta we had a pretty horrendous 5 hour delay after a busy weekend, so what did we do? We had a picnic in the airport, I introduced her to every UK sweetie that her American ass had never even seen before and made friends with strangers. Times are what you make them!


No photos from that night as we were covered in chocolate and had sleepy eyes haha but here’s one from the holiday when we were fully awake! haha 


14) They have your back and will always be there for you!

In a lifetime there will be moments of joy, jubilation and happiness. There will also be moments of sadness and times where you need support from friends. I am so lucky that I have really wonderful friends who I have been able to call upon at different times in my life to help when I needed a helping hand! I cannot thank them enough and hope that I will always be there to repay the favour…

15) You will make memories for life!

At the end of the day, it is the nights where you dance and sing all night long and don’t walk home until the wee hours of the morning that you will remember forever!

Amazing memories made with your best friends…

If your friend is very clever they will make a video for you to keep all your memories fresh years later! Thanks @thisisthemilk for the memories on the 1 year anniversary of our Malta trip!


So the moral of the story is, invest in your friendships, be a good friend and you will have amazing friends in return. When you have them, cherish them and why not travel with them?!

Is it time to book your next trip…


“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have & one of the best things you can be”

Winnie the Pooh


Thank you for reading! Have you ever been travelling with your friends? Do you have any stories to share? Comment below!


The Wee Wanderer x x

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