My Barcelona Bucket List! 100 things to see, do, eat and drink. The Complete Guide – Part II

Welcome to the second part of My Barcelona Bucket List! The final 50 things to see, do, eat and drink in Barcelona, all tried and tested by yours truly during the 5 wonderful years I lived there! If you missed Part I you can view it HERE: My Barcelona Bucket List! 100 things to see, do, eat and drink. The Complete Guide – Part I. Happy reading!


51. Visit Tibidabo & The Temple of the Sacred Heart.


  • The architecture in Barcelona is stunning and this church is no exception. Situated at the top of Mount Tibidabo (hello F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference), there is an amusement park, incredible views of Barcelona and this church at the top. If, like me you don’t have a drone you can get this photo by going on the highest ride in the amusement park – seriously scary stuff! I was petrified (says she who is about to do a skydive – haha) so I must admit my family took this pic as I was clinging on for dear life – although edited by me to bring out the best in it!
  • Location: Tibidabo


52. Experience The Gracia Festival.


  • My absolute favourite fesitval in Barcelona is the Festa Major de Gracia. Gracia is a neighbourhood at the top of Passeig de Gracia which is quirky and bohemian. During the summer they prepare for the festival where neighbours work together to decorate their streets in a particular theme. This changes each year and it is a spectacle to see. You can read more about it in my blog post The Gracia Festival, Barcelona!
  • Location: Gracia


53. Eat cakes at Pudding.


  • Pudding is one of our favourite places for carrot cake in Barcelona – and believe me we’ve tried them all! One Pudding is Alice in wonderland themed and the other is Harry Potter! Both a feast for the eyes and the bellies! You can check out more in my blog post Brunch in Barcelona is calling you!
  • Location: Carrer de Pau Claris, 90 (Alice) Avinguda Diagonal, 515 (Harry)


54. Visit Parc Guell.


  • Parc Guell is the most lovely spot to visit, with views of Barcelona and the incredible work of Antoni Gaudi it is worth a visit. First photo is of the first time I visited in 2013! Top tips: It is now ticketed so you need to pay and are allocated a time slot. If you go when the Parc opens you can get free access for 15-30mins before the tickets start, similarly the last 15- 30mins of the day before it closes. Also – you do not need to pay for access to the park – only the most famous part pictured above.
  • Location: Parc Guell.


55. Experience the market & concerts at Monumental Bull Ring.

  • Monumental Bull Ring is no longer used as a bull ring due to bull fighting being banned in Catalunya. Instead it is used for concerts and cool markets like this one! It has clothes, jewellery, food trucks, bands and djs and we had such a great time there!
  • Location: Plaza Monumental


56. Eat & drink at Hammock Juice Station.

  • Think healthy foods, smoothies and hammocks – what more could you ask for really? We actually had such a laugh here because we weren’t sure how sturdy the hammocks were and if they would hold the weight of a person lol the staff could see our worried faces and came over to reassure us that they are attached to the ceiling with an iron bar and we would be more than safe! haha. It is quite a small place so try to go off peak to ensure you get a hammock – as they also have some normal chairs – how boring heehee!
  • Location: Carrer de Mallorca, 308

57. Visit Monjuic Castle.



58. Experience the Holi Festival.

  • I think Holi festivals would be fun wherever you are and the Barcelona one is no exception! Dj, colours and lots of fun to be had!
  • Location: The time we went it was in Horta but check when it is the year you go because it could be a different location!


59. Eat and drink at El Nacional.

  • El Nacional is a big building with Gatsby vibes. It has one bar (pictured above) and different restaurants located around the centre bar and there is an oyster bar at the top. It is a beautiful place and at Christmas it looks rather festive too (pictured above).
  • Location: Down a tiny alley way on Passeig de Gracia, you could walk past it and not even know so look it up before you go!


60. Visit the Arc de Triomf.

  • I love the Arc de Triomf! My first home in Barcelona was close to the Arc de Triomf and it does feel like home whenever I’m there. It is a beautiful Arc, on a pedestrian street lined with palm trees, grass and beautiful lights. It is home to many a different food market, wine market and concerts throughout the year. A must visit for me!
  • Arc de Triomf, Barcelona


61. Experience the festival of Sant Jordi.

  •  Sant Jordi (Saint George) is very special in Barcelona because he is the Patron Saint of Catalunya. Each day on Saint George’s day (23rd April) the city celebrates the story of Saint George and the Dragon. Children learn about it at school, the story is retold, roses are made to take home, everyone celebrates. It is tradition that the women receive a rose and the men receive a book on this day, (their equivalent of valentine’s day). When I was there I gave and received both which I like to think is a more modern take on the tradition. The city comes to life with stalls on every street corner selling every colour of roses you could imagine and new & second hand books. Casa Batllo even celebrates by adorning roses too. One of my favourite days in Barcelona, if you get to go then you will see how special it is.
  • Barcelona & all of Catalunya


62. Drink at Rubi.


  • Rubi is a small bar, on a cute little street in El Born area which makes the most varied gin flavours you will ever see! Everything from Strawberry & Mint (pictured above) to blueberry, to chili, and probably the strangest ever roast lamb & mint! They free pour so measures are generous! You can also get some pretty cheap mojitos there if that’s your jam! Worth a visit, if you can find it down the maze-like streets of El Born!
  • Rubi, Carrer dels Banys Vells, 6, El Born


63. Visit El Pont Del Bisbe.

  • The Pont Del Bisbe or Bishop’s bridge is a famous spot in Barcelona’s Gothic neighbourhood. It is a stunning piece of architecture which joins two buildings, just around the corner from the Cathedral. The street itself can get very busy and you can find people selling fans dancing Bart Simpsons (don’t ask), but get it at a quiet point, or when there is live music being played and it will be magical. There are several legends which surround the bridge. One which I found out whilst on a walking tour is that if you look at the skull (located in the middle of the bridge if you look up) and walk backwards and make a wish it will come true.
  • El Pont del Bisbe, Carrer del Bisbe, 1, Gotico


64. Experience the street festival in La Barceloneta.

  • I lived in La Barceloneta during my time in Barcelona and one of my favourite times of year was when the street festival would wake me up, ready for a party! Such a great party atmosphere, the shiniest, brightest outfits you could imagine and local bands. You can expect these parties in April/ May.
  • La Barceloneta


65. Eat and drink at La Boqueria.

  • La Boqueria market is found on la rambla, possibly the most famous street in Barcelona. As a street I honestly don’t highly rate visiting it – but the market is special. You can find a mixture of fresh food: smoothies, fruit, veg, chilies, fish, meat etc in addition to stalls selling hot food and serving drinks that you can enjoy on a bar stool.
  • La Boqueria, La Rambla


66. Visit Mossèn Costa i Llobera Gardens.

  • Barcelona doesn’t have a lot of green spaces but this garden is a little Cacti oasis in the city. It is very hidden, round the back of Montjuic hill but it is well worth a visit.
  • Ctra. de Miramar, 38


67. Experience Sant Juan festival.

  • Sant Juan is a festival which marks the beginning of the summer. It will take place in Barcelona on 23-25th June 2020. It is celebrated with fireworks on the beach, and all over the city for that matter. There are bonfires on the beach and in different plazas around the city, like La Barceloneta and Gracia. I would say it isn’t for everyone – if you don’t like crowds and fireworks I would stay inside – but if you enjoy fireworks and a party atmosphere then make your way down to the beach and enjoy!
  • All over the city! Particularly in Barceloneta and Via Laietana.


68. Eat at Elsa y Fred.


  • Elsa y Fred is a tapas restaurant which has a lovely vibe. It is the only place I found in Barcelona that decorated like this for Christmas and it has such a lovely feel. I highly recommend it!
  • Elsa y Fred, Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11, El Born


69. Visit the ruins in El Born.


  • The BORN CCM is a restored market which has excavated city ruins from 1700s on display. It also has local exhibitions on which is very interesting to see too.
  • Plaça Comercial, 12, El Born


70. Experience Jazz night at Jamboree.


  • If you enjoy live music, I really recommend trying the jam jazz night at Jamboree on a Monday night.
  • Plaça Reial, 17, Gotico


71. Drink at One Ocean Club.

  • One Ocean club is found beside Port Vell. It is a stylish, modern bar & restaurant with beautiful views over the harbour. Sometimes they have live music on too, which is lovely!
  • Moll de la Barceloneta, 1, La Barceloneta


72. Visit the Palau de la Musica.

  • The Palau de la Musica is designed in the Catalan modernista style by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner – who also designed one of my other favourite buildings in Barcelona – the Hospital Sant Pau. You can see the similarities in the two buildings, especially the colourful tiles. You can get tours of the building but I chose to go to a show with a loved one! Such a special experience in a beautiful place.
  • Palau de la musica, just off Via Laietana, El Born


73. Experience the Catalan Castellers.

  • A castell (Catalan word) is a human tower built traditionally at festivals in Catalonia. It is a sight to behold. They practice throughout the year and perform at different festivals around the city of Barcelona and throughout Catalunya. They wear red and white. The bottom of the tower is the strongest in the team, adults, and as the tower gets higher the age gets younger and younger, with the top of the tower being young children with helmets on. It is an impressive sight and tradition in the area.
  • All over the city, usually Plaza Sant Jaume, La Barceloneta and Gracia.


74. Eat smurf ice cream.


  • La Rambla has ice cream stalls like this which have yummy yet strange flavours – for example ‘pitufo’ flavour which translates as Smurf ice cream – but don’t worry – I believe it is only bubblegum! 

  • La Rambla


75. Visit the Monastery.


  • The Monasterio de Pedralbes is peaceful, located away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Worth a visit if you are religious or want a bit of peace in the city.
  • Baixada del Monestir, 9, Pedralbes


76. Experience a Corre Foc.

  • Not for the faint hearted… Corre Foc is Catalan for fire run. It is when people move through the streets in parades with dragons and devils and fireworks attached to pitchforks which spin and fire as they move. Corre Focs are usually celebrated during festivals like La Merce. I have always enjoyed them, so if you fancy a throwing the health and safety handbook out the window, head on down to see one yourself!
  • Via Laietana, Graica, Barcelona


77. Drink wine at the Born Gourmet market. born gourmet

  • The nicest rose wine I ever had in Spain was at the Born Gourmet market. They also have a food market too. They can be found in June.
  • El Born


78. Visit Montserrat.

  • Montserrat is a mountain range which is located just outside Barcelona. It has a unique appearance and is known as ‘saw mountain’. Atop of the mountain range, you can find the Benedictine Monastery, Santa Maria de Montserrat, which people do pilgrimage to. You can do a day trip from Barcelona by train and cable car (pictured above) or by bus as part of a day trip.
  • Montserrat, Catalunya


79. Experience Barcelona Beach Festival.

summer beach festival2

  • Barcelona Beach festival is a huge electronic festival located on the beach. It is so much fun! We had the best night! You can check online to see the line up for 2020!
  • Barcelona beach


80. Eat and drink at Surf house4.jpg

  • Surf house is located on the beach at La Barceloneta. The food is delicious, as are the cocktails and if you are lucky you will be treated to dancers doing a meet up just outside! It does get busy now so if it’s too busy try going off peak time.
  • Surf House, Carrer de l’Almirall Aixada, 22


81. Visit Arenas de Barcelona.


  • Originally a Bullring which is now a shopping centre. The rooftop is full of restaurants and also a viewpoint over Plaza Espanya.
  • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373 – 385

82. Experience Sonar Music Festival.

  • Barcelona is famous for many music festivals and one of the most popular is Sonar. It is an electronic music festival at the end of June, 18-20 June 2020. You can get day tickets, night tickets or even whole weekend tickets. I went on a day ticket and enjoyed the food vans, the music and also the ball pit!
  • Sonar music festival, Barcelona


83. Eat a picnic in Parc Ciutadella.

  • As you can see it became a bit of a tradition to have a picnic in Parc Ciutadella. It is the perfect place for a picnic, whether it be for a birthday, new year or just a Sunday. It is a great experience!
  • Parc Ciutadella


84. Visit Casa Vicens.

  • Casa Vicens is a UNESCO world heritage site which opened its doors to the public only two years ago. I recently visited inside Casa Vicens and it was so interesting to see the unique style of architecture. Tickets are £16 but you can find cheaper tickets online for around £12 if you google search.
  • Casa Vicens, Carrer de les Carolines, 20, Gracia


85. Experience Aire de Barcelona.

  • Aire de Barcelona is a spa with ancient thermal baths, massages and detox treatments. It is an absolute haven, pure bliss and I absolutely love it there! I think it might be my happy place! I really recommend it on a date or even alone as a little treat! I don’t really recommend going as a group because you won’t be able to talk and it will be difficult haha and part of the bliss is the peaceful atmosphere that makes it such a special experience.
  • Passeig de Picasso, 22, El Born


86. Drink at a rooftop bar.

  • Barcelona is full of amazing rooftop bars but this has to be my favourite! It is found on the top floor of the Museu de Catalunya, which overlooks Port Vell. You have such a good view over the harbour and all the way over to Montjuic hill. During summer months, you can find a DJ playing music there, creating a nice vibe, but I also loved to go in the winter, sit by the outdoor heater and enjoy the view to ourselves.
  • Museu d’Història de Catalunya, Plaça de Pau Vila, 3, La Barceloneta


87. Visit Plaza de San Felipe Neri

  • Plaza de San Felipe Neri is quite a hidden square in the Gothic part of the city. It is important to go and educate yourself about it and whilst you are there you will be able to see the damage done during the Civil War. The second photo shows bullet holes still visible today.
  • Plaza de San Felipe Neri


88. Experience the light festival.

  • Llum BCN is the light festival where light meets technology and the city is lit up and so beautifully colourful! This usually happens in January so keep an eye out for 2020 dates coming soon! I always thought it was such a cool festival and well worth a visit!
  • Poble Nou


89. Drink a cocktail at Bobby’s Free.

  • Bobby’s Free is my second favourite secret bar in Barcelona! You can find my absolute favourite in My Barcelona Bucket List! 100 things to see, do, eat and drink. The Complete Guide – Part I. Bobby’s free has its own charm. For years I thought it was just a barber shop, however it is so much more than that! Behind that mirror is something you would never have imagined! A Bar with amazing, creative cocktails and even live music! A wee tip – You must use the password to enter – check their FB or insta before you go as it changes each month!
  • Carrer de Pau Claris, 85


90. Visit the newly reformed Sant Antoni Market.


Picture taken from Urban Next Online as I was just leaving Barcelona as it was opening after refurbishment.

  • The Sant Antoni market is now open after a long refurbishment and sees the area of Sant Antoni becoming more up and coming than ever! Check it out and the surrounding area for cool bars, brunches and restaurants.
  • Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 1, Sant Antoni


91. Experience the Chocolate Museum.

  • One Easter we took ourselves off to the chocolate museum in search of easter eggs and we found that and more – impressive buildings such as the Sagrada Familia, animations such as Up and even Messi in chocolate form. Worth a visit and you can always buy some at the shop on the way out!
  • Carrer del Comerç, 36, El Born


92. Eat & Drink at Gatsby.

  • Gatsby is a restaurant which come midnight turns into a bar with a show with singers and dancers & a DJ. I had so many fun nights there with my girls and if you are looking for a place to start your night out I highly recommend it!
  • Carrer de Tuset, 19


93. Visit Plaza Catalunya.

  • Plaza Catalunya is the centre of the city. Here you can get the aerobus to the airport, metros all over the city and trains out of the city. You can shop to your hearts content in El Corte Ingles which is the Spanish department store and you can now find about 5 Zara stores within 5 mins walking distance of each other.
  • Plaza Catalunya


94. Experience carnaval in Sitges.

  • Carnaval is celebrated in Catalunya in schools and on the streets with parades and music and dancing – but one of my favourite places to celebrate was in Sitges! Sitges has such a happy, feel good vibe and during carnaval you will see everyone from every walk of life dressed up and enjoying life! My advice? Dress up and go dance in the streets with your friends! You won’t regret it!
  • Sitges, Catalunya


95. Drink at Bling Bling.


  • Bling Bling is a club located just across the road from Gatsby. We always used to end up in Bling Bling and had many a good night there! If you get yourself on the guest list you can get in for free but you will have to queue. Remember – Spanish clubs have different opening hours from the UK so don’t expect to go until about 1am and it will be open until 6/7am!
  • Carrer de Tuset, 8


96. Visit Pasaje de la Paz.


  • Located in Gotico, Pasaje de la Paz translates as Passage to Peace. It is quite hidden away, in a bustling part of the City. If you go to see it there is also a nice brunch spot to the left of this photo.
  • Passatge de la Pau


97. Experience sunrise on the beach.

  • The sun rises over the water in Barcelona and sets behind the city at Mount Tibidabo. Sunrise and sunset both create a dusky pink sky at La Barceloneta and it is one of my favourite things to see! Being more of a night owl I would often only see sunrise on my way to work but on my last weekend in Barcelona before I moved away I went to watch the sunrise and it was a special morning. I recommend going with someone who is special to you and experience it together, or if you are travelling solo – go do it for you!
  • La Barceloneta Beach


98. Eat at Eat my Trip

  • I have brunched at Eat my Trip twice – once when it had just opened and recently on a trip back to Barcelona to see my friends and I can safely say it gets better and better! The staff are friendly and welcoming, the food is delicious and I don’t know anywhere else you can get a Barbie Latte with Coconut milk in a skull glass! Need I say more?! Go and thank me later!
  • Eat My Trip, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 378


99. Visit Plaza del Sol.


  • Plaza del Sol is one of my favourite squares in the Gracia area. In the summer months you will find people sitting on the square, enjoying the sun, eating and drinking and just living their best lives. One to go for the atmosphere alone!
  • Plaza del Sol, Gracia


100. Experience dancing outside La Sagrada Familia.


  • Thank you Ed for the words!
  • Thank you to my wonderful friends and family for the amazing times and memories I created and will cherish in Barcelona over my five years there!
  • I hope this guide has been helpful to you in your time whether you live there or are just visiting! Please let me know in the comments below, via FB or INSTA at The.Wee.Wanderer.Blogger which ones you have ticked off your list!


Love Always,

The Wee Wanderer Blogger x x x


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