Ibiza Town foodie guide!

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I was lucky enough on my first trip to Ibiza to stay in the old Ibiza Town & I have to say I fell in love… Not only with the scenery, the buildings, the flowers, the clear turquoise sea, but also the food & cocktails! You are not short of lovely places to eat or drink in Ibiza town (especially if you like seafood) but I give to you a variety of eats & depending on your pleasure I hope you find something you like!



This magical place can be found at the end of a tunnel into the old fortress of Ibiza Town. A perfect spot with comfy sofa bean bags and a view over the old town down to the sea. What more could you ask for? Offering a wide range of food from breakfast to lunch and drinks from healthy smoothies to cocktails S’Escalinata works both day and night. Definitely worth a visit!! P.S. so damn instagrammable!!


 Carrer Portal Nou, 10, 07800 Eivissa


Sidreria Poma

This local joint is way up your street if you are looking for tapas with a bit of a difference! Cider or Sidre in Spanish is very different from the UK and is poured in a special way – from a great height! Even when we were there we saw a local man who would stand up every two minutes to pour his Sidre into his glass from an extended arm, at the side of the road. Very special indeed! (At the risk of looking like a creepy creeperson I did not take a photo of said man!) If you have ever been to San Sebastian you will know what I’m talking about! We had the three sauce Patatas Bravas and Blue cheese Croquetas which were a tasty alternative to the traditional jamon ones you usually find.

Carrer de Jaume I


Can Gourmet Ibiza

This adorable little place is as tasty as it is photogenic! It reminded me of a little Italian sandwich place I once visited in Pisa, modelled on a really famous one in Florence (Antico Vinaio if you are interested). But this has a Spanish twist, with local jamon iberico, meats from Italy, a variety of cheeses from around Europe and locally made beers from Ibiza this place is small but packs a punch!

The owners were so friendly and messaged me to say they loved the photo I took of the place, I was always welcome and should feel ‘at home’ there! HOW nice! 🙂


Carrer de Guillem de Montgrí, 20


202 Hamburger & Delicious

This place is in a wee nook, you are on a main street and then suddenly you take a turn to the right – you find this place, a nice little surprise with a chilled, happy vibe and music to match it! The decor is funky – from sofas, to seats to swings – the staff are friendly & the food is tasty! If you fancy a burger & chips whilst in Ibiza I would definitely recommend this place! Also if you are a fan of sauces you are going to love it – from every bottle of sauce you could want to local spicy sauces from Ibiza – if it’s a salsa you are after this is the place for you!


Carrer del Bisbe Abad y Lasierra, 34


Pizza Artesanal

This square was one of our favourites in the old town, relaxed, friendly, with markets set up during the day and locals and holiday makers mixing at night. On the corner of the square you will find a pizza place (I cannot for the life of me find the name but I can assure you it is there). The service is good, the ambiance is lovely and the wood fired pizzas & calzones were delish!



Plaza del Parc


La Brasa

Ibiza is full of beautiful, luxurious, high end places and you must try one whilst you are there! This was a personal favourite of mine & I would recommend making a reservation or simply be very Spanish like us & chance your arm at 11.30pm. La Brasa is pretty by day, magical by night. For me there is nothing more beautiful than twinkly lights, chandeliers, flowers, and dinner on a terrazza by candlelight in the warm summer months – and this is EVERYTHING that La Brassa is.


LA Brasa

Carrer de Pere Sala, 3


Vivi’s Creamery

Vivi’s Creamery is a must do for an Ice Cream in Ibiza Town! Located off the water front in the old, narrow streets, you will be glad you hunted it down! With interesting flavours (rice milk chocolate being one), great toppings to suit everyone’s needs and even cute, adorable, tiny chairs for the wee ones!


Carrer del Mestre Joan Mayans, 6



Pura Vida

Back to my favourite square, Plaza Del Parque in the heart of Ibiza Town for a couple of cocktails and you will be glad you joined me! Pura Vida had the friendliest staff & the cocktails were also beaut!


Fresa & Basil Mojito happiness!!

Plaza del Parque, 2

If you continue along the plaza you will find even more cocktail bars! This was another of our favourites! Flowers in Gin bottles – didn’t need much more persuading! The Pina Colada was absolutely delicious! Defos check it out!


Plaza del parque 4.


This beach bar is found on the other side of the port at Playa Talamanca and is well worth the walk round. Think quiet beach, eateries by the sea, beds by the sand and a goblet of gintonic for 7euros! Quids in! Not the fanciest, compared to others on the beach but sitting with your feet in the sand, g&t in hand, listening to 90s soft rnb is definitely where I want to be! And remained so for hours!


 Carrer Platja Talamanca, 13


I hope you have enjoyed reading about these wonderful places to eat and drink in Ibiza Town! Please let me know if you also enjoyed them or if you have any new places for me to try next time! Thanks 🙂 The Wee Wanderer x xBest eats in (1)