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Firstly, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in my presets!

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Since beginning The Wee Wanderer Blog I have been working hard to improve my photography skills and more recently, my editing skills. I downloaded Lightroom CC for the desktop and I have been so pleased with the results! Not only do my photos look bright and colourful but it has also helped with the growth of my instagram and blog. If you would like to download my preset please keep reading for more information!


What is a preset?

A preset is, put simply, very similar to an instagram filter for your photos, however one which has been specifically developed to achieve a particular look or theme. Each preset has taken a lot of time and effort to create in order to ensure the best results for your photos. They combine the perfect combination of light, exposure, colour, effects and detail to achieve the perfect, professional photo.

Who uses presets?

Professional photographers are now using Adobe Lightroom to edit their photos as a simpler, more manageable version of Photoshop. Although the best thing is that it is not exclusive to professional photographers! Everyone can use it!

Why should I use a preset? 

Presets can alter your photos so much. Whether they have been taken in RAW or JPEG modes or have been taken on your mobile. Love a photo you have taken but it is too dark? Presets and lightroom can fix this with one click! Just want to take your travel or home photos to the next level? That is easily done with one click of a preset. You need to try it to see it!

What is Lightroom and how can I get it?

Adobe Lightroom CC can be downloaded for 9.98 pounds per month via the adobe website. If you would like to try it first, you can access the full features of Lightroom CC for a full week for FREE! You can also buy and download my preset and use it on the free version! Perfecto!

To download the free trial click below:

Free Lightroom Trial


The Wee Wanderer Presets

I am launching my presets with my ‘Malta‘ preset. It enhances the golden hues of the European buildings, brings a pop of colour to the photos, show more details and generally brightens them up. View my before and after photos below:


Before                                                                             After

Shot with Olympus Pen PL8 in RAW

(The colours really pop and the details, for example, the flower petals on the floor, stand out more)


Before                                                                         After

Shot with Olympus PEN PL8 in JPEG


Before – Top                                                                               After – Bottom

Shot with Iphone


Before                                                                         After



Before                                                                         After

Shot with Olympus Pen PL8 in JPEG


Are you interested in buying the Malta Preset?

To purchase my Malta Preset it is only £10 and is very easy to do! Simply contact me via on of the following:


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Contact me via the contact page.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you very much!